Britt S

Britt S

“Louise made an experience that is often times confusing and exhausting, easy and exciting.”

“Searching for a home is never an easy task; all the language, paperwork, rules, banks. It is all so confusing. The one thing that makes it all bearable is having a great realtor. Louise Suchanek was the perfect match for us. She is reliable, ambitious, caring, understanding and most importantly very knowledgeable about her work.

photoWe began looking for our dream home in November 2012. At the  time    we began looking, the housing market was on the up again. Homes in the area we had been looking in, were suddenly increasing in price. The market was extremely competitive. The thought that we might never find our perfect home, in our price range was becoming a scary thought for my family. Lousie never let us lose hope or give up on our dream. She worked daily to find us new listings. I would find emails in my inbox of new properties to view nearly every day. Whenever we were available to view a home, so was Louise. She really worked with our schedule and knew that our time was very valuable. She was never hard to reach, and always returned voicemails and emails promptly. She was always very honest with us and wasn’t just trying to sell us a house. Louise was working to find us a home. Louise made an experience that is often times confusing and exhausting, easy and exciting.

In March 2013, we found our perfect home. Once we had decided this was the home we wanted, and it was within our price range, Louise was hard at work to make it happen. Before we knew it we were signing documents and receiving the keys; and Louise held our hand throughout the whole process. The greatest part of having a realtor like Louise, is that her work didn’t stop there. She checks in frequently to see how things are going for us, and inquires if we need any assistance with anything. Recently, we had a problem with the heater in our home. Louise was exemplary in seeing that we got in contact with the right people for our warranty, and that our heater was fixed immediately. She truly goes above and beyond. Even after selling us our house, she continues to care for us and our home. I feel so blessed to have chosen her for our realtor, and I am confident that all her current and future clients will feel the same way.”

– Britt S. (January 17th 2014)

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